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  • Omegon 1.25" 4mm super plossl okulārs

    • Ražotājs: OMEGON
    • Produkta kods: 47413
    • Pieejamība: 1 - 3 nedēļu laikā
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    Omegon super Ploessl

    A classic - and probably the most inexpensive way of getting a sharp image

    Super Ploessl eyepieces are among the most inexpensive available and are true classics. Generations of amateur astronomers have used them for successful astronomy. The ingenious design employs only 5 lenses, but provides a clear and bright image. These are the eyepieces for those who want quality but do not need expensive high-end eyepieces.


    The advantages in a nutshell:

    • a quality eyepiece - providing a better image than those that come included with new telescopes
    • 52 degree field of view (45° for the 40mm) - significantly wider than Kellner and standard Ploessl eyepieces
    • multi-coating and blackened lens edges for high contrast
    • 1.25" connector - the eyepieces will fit in any telescope
    • rubber fold-down eyecups to protect against stray light



    52° field of view - so it is not like 'looking through a tunnel'

    Super Ploessl eyepieces are a plus for your observing because, in comparison to cheap standard eyepieces, they have a wider, 52 degree, field of view. You observe as through a large window and it also means that you can see more detail.


    Blackened lens edges - more contrast with bright and faint objects

    When observing with a telescope, it really all comes down to good quality eyepieces - these are just as important as the telescope itself. They decide whether you can make out the fine spiral arms of M51, or make out a minor planet that is right at the performance limit of the telescope. They reduce reflections even when observing bright objects.

    The lens edges of these Super Ploessl eyepieces have been blackened to ensure they provide good contrast. Light does not get 'lost on the way', but goes to exactly where it should - into your eye.


    A large range of focal lengths - from 4mm to 40mm

    These eyepieces provide you with a range of 9 focal lengths. So you are guaranteed to find the right magnification and increments for your telescope. And the best part - all the eyepieces are parfocal.

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